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About NutriAdvise:

Our goal is to help you reach optimum nutrition according to your personal needs. Whether you want to manage your weight or to prevent or treat a disease, or just want to become healthier, we will create and individualized diet plan to help you reach your health goals.

Our Commitment:

NutriAdvise is the first ever online platform in Pakistan which allows the patients to interact with professionals online to get appropriate dietary planning and counselling. We provide dietary counselling for weights loss, weight gain, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, bone and teeth health, gastritis, peptic ulcer, constipation, diarrhea, gluten-free diet, lactose free diet (milk allergy), hepatitis, gallstones, diabetes, anemia, and many other health problems. We have a professional clinical nutritionist and physician to help you with your health. We accept widely used payment methods in Pakistan at a reasonable price.

Our Vision:

We want to make professional diet and nutrition counselling available online for the people of Pakistan, as many people are struggling with these issues and these services are not as yet available in most areas. However, the internet is widespread and through it we can help the people of Pakistan get professional help with their dietary problems.

Our Approach:

Our approach is to focus on creating a realistic diet plan that fits into your daily routine and takes into consideration your own lifestyle. We believe in healthy eating and in overall well-being. We understand that adopting a healthier lifestyle takes time and dedication on your part. In many cases new behaviors are not going to happen overnight and will require step-by-step transitioning towards a healthier lifestyle. Always appreciate and reward yourself for reaching your goals to help yourself stay motivated.

Individualized Counselling:

Individualized counselling allows us to address your personal nutrition needs. Our focus is to change your diet in a way that is easy for you. We will create custom meal plans for your needs. We will also give you guidelines to help you with your lifestyle changes for better health.

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